An Open Question…

( Posted by Mr. Ron Beardshear on “rants and raves” to all candidates seeking an elected office in the City of Barstow. )

The question? “Who have you met with and what promises have you made during your campaign?”

My ANSWER: Seeking the office of Mayor/2020 City of Barstow, I have talked to and shared the great potential and possibilities in our community with the following: (partial list) Barstow Fire, Barstow Police, Barstow Medical Workers, Barstow Seniors, Barstow Veterans, Barstow Chamber Members, Barstow Motel Owner’s, Barstow Hotel Owner’s, Barstow Fort Irwin Employees, Barstow Marine Base Employees, Barstow Railroad Employees, Barstow Realtor’s, Barstow Outlet Venture Capitalist, Tanger Outlet Stakeholders, Downtown Barstow Stakeholders, Barstow Service Station Owners, Barstow Station Owners, High Desert Realtor’s.

Venture Capitol Interest Groups from: Atlanta, GA, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA., San Diego, CA., Irvine, CA., Adelanto, CA., Apple Valley, CA., Hesperia, CA., Victorville, CA., and so on.

My only promise has been (4) points

#1. I will work with Council and Staff to (immediately) improve the appearance of OUR community.

#2. I will work with Council and Staff to (immediately) improve the pro-business climate in OUR community.

#3. I will work with Council and staff to (immediately) improve the communication coming from City Hall.

#4. I will work with Council and Staff to (immediately) assure Public Safety (Fire and Police) are priority in assuring that (we) together are working to improve and build a better and safer Barstow.

For additional information please click here to read the full Campaign Platform, and re-discover the “possibilities”.

#BarstowPROUD #BarstowStrong

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