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Memorial Day Message

By Paul Courtney | May 31, 2020


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The Campaign

By Paul Courtney | May 27, 2020

#JustKeepingItReal . . . I’m not an old, experienced hand in politics. But I am now seasoned enough to have learned that the hardest thing about a political campaign is how to win without proving that you are not unworthy of winning. A lifetime learner I am. COMING SOON: Signs, Table Tents, Counter Displays, T-Shirts, Door…

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We are all in this together

By Paul Courtney | May 27, 2020

“I can’t breath” . . . WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Thank You Chief Rameriz/BPD, Luke Haefele, Bennie G Fedrick, Ciara Hamilton, Maryann Garrison, Ann Marie Chapin Hammond, #barstowpride and so many others who believe in Justice for all! We hope that (we) set an example for ALL of the “haters” and pre-judgers! For anyone who fits that role, we…

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Feed Barstow

By Paul Courtney | May 25, 2020

We seen the need, We prayed for the hungry, We have fulfilled the needs of over 5000 families in 13weeks … It is just amazing how prayer works  It is just amazing what happens when people, businesses and organizations believe in people and a common goal . . . Thank You! Our community is now…

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Courtney says he’ll run for Barstow mayor

By Paul Courtney | May 6, 2020

Originally posted April 5, 2019 BARSTOW — When Paul Courtney moved back into the city, his first priority was his daughter, followed closely by the community he’s called home for decades. But he couldn’t help but pick up on an apparent disconnect between the City Council and the community they serve as he began attending…

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Thank  you Barstow! We pulled together for change, and Voted Paul A. Courtney for Mayor. Now the work begins on making the plans put forth in our platform happen.

This website will keep you posted as each goal is realized. You will also want to check here for Volunteer opportunities to get involved. #BarstowStrong