The following 9 points are the Platform that Mayor Courtney promoted during the campaign. As we move forward these are the goals that we will work toward in improving our community. Check back here for updates on how we are doing on each item.


PUBLIC SAFETY / Barstow Fire and EMS

As Mayor, ("Backing the Red"!), I plan on continuing to exhaust all efforts to keep the Barstow Fire Protection District under local control (under the City of Barstow); and having a separate Fire Commission with commissioners made up of one commissioner from each city district, 1,2,3,4 and a member-at-large.

Our Fire Department has been under appreciated and misunderstood for far too long.

Moving forward, I propose total inclusion and prioritizing of the Barstow Fire Protection District into the City of Barstow, financial general fund . . . a Public Safety unit, the same as the Police Dept. This Fire Department inclusion goal was a persuasive "selling" factor that was presented during the (successful) passing of the 2018 Measure Q "public safety" Citywide sales tax increase. It was promised to all local residents . . . a political promise made, must be a political promise kept.
We must fight to eliminate the lack of financial equity our Firefighters are enduring, and make certain that Measure Q allocations are re-prioritized to be spent on "public safety" first (as promised) and not on non-essential services or personnel.
NOTE: Citywide budget priorities will be based on the overall impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our city.

PUBLIC SAFETY / Barstow Police

As Mayor (Backing the Blue!)  . . .  I propose a goal of fifty police officers on our streets, supported by the highest quality training and the best in new technology.  Additional funding would come from the passing of Measure Q,  re-prioritizing categorical funds that are available, and partnering with outside law enforcement agencies in the County-wide and State-wide illegal drug trafficking intervention enforcement efforts. Seized assets will then be shared with our Police Department as a continuous source of newly generated revenue, designated to law enforcement efforts.  A safer community, a better Barstow.  NOTE: All financial commitment (s) will be based on the outcome of the overall COVID-19 pandemic financial impact on our city.

Police Commission, I support the idea of creating a Citizens Police/Public Safety over-site committee. There would be one committee member from each district and one member-at-large. The committee would be tasks with brainstorming ideas to improve transparency and create policy proposals that best services the overall public safety objectives of our city.



As Mayor, I want to help create a climate that encourages businesses and entrepreneurs to follow their ingenuity and invest in their ideas in Barstow. I propose that newly formed "small businesses" receive a 50% reduction in the City of Barstow required start-up fees and costs during the *1st full year of doing business.

I propose that the City of Barstow re-form and formulate a "true partnership" with the Barstow Area Chamber of Commerce and support a "win-win" success enhancement and creative business growth environment.  NOTE: All financial commitment (s) will be based on the outcome of the overall COVID-19 pandemic financial impact on our city.

*City license, Occupancy Permit, Fire Permit.



As Mayor, I propose that the city finances be thoroughly reviewed by an outside entity and reviewed by the newly formed "citizen finance over-site committee" as well as the sitting mayor and council members. All findings are to be presented in an OPEN forum and presented to the general public in multiple presentations.


New perspectives can provide different types of influence and that can inspire changes. As Mayor, I propose a maximum of two terms, eight years for any elected Mayor and Council Members. Benefit: No career politicians AND creates a pathway for NEW ideas and opinions.



As Mayor, I propose that the city-owned Community Center be open daily for extended hours to support a city directed "after school" Student Success Enhancement Services Programs, i.e.: homework, tutoring assistance, recreational activities, "teen-specific" area, as well as creating a  "safe place" for our children.

RECREATION  I propose that the "city league" methodology and community-based accountability initiative be put in place. I  propose that the Park and Recreation Commission be reestablished to empower parents and community leader's at-large to have a voice and influence at the table .  .  . One commissioner from each city district and one member-at-large.  NOTE: All financial commitment (s) will be based on the outcome of the overall COVID-19 pandemic financial impact on our city.



Our quality of life in Barstow should strive to match the quality of our nice climate. As Mayor, I will lead the efforts to tackle the homeless and ever-growing population of the “dumping” of transients on our city streets.

I propose to create a position of “Health and Welfare Officer”. The funding will come from the existing categorical grant funds that the city already receives to address "real world" social justice issues. NOTE: All financial commitment (s) will be based on the outcome of the overall COVID-19 pandemic financial impact on our city.



As Mayor, I propose to create a working relationship and partnership(s)  with local home builders to “jump-start” new home building. Homes would initially be built (1) house at a time. NOTE: Historically, multi-home builders have chosen not to build in Barstow because of unfavorable demographic concerns and this fact remains to date.  NOTE: All financial commitment (s) will be based on the outcome of the overall COVID-19 pandemic financial impact on our city.



As Mayor, I propose that the City creates an active and engaged partnership with the Barstow Senior Center. This active partnership will better serve and service our ever-increasing senior population. Initial funds and funding will come from the “promised” MeasureQ sales tax increase income.  NOTE: All financial commitment (s) will be based on the outcome of the overall COVID-19 pandemic financial impact on our city.



As Mayor, I propose to create a “central grant-writing” professional position. This expert will focus solely on acquiring funds and funding for public safety, youth, senior, and social justice success enhancement systems and programs. I pledge to personally lobby legislators in San Bernardino County, Sacramento, and Washington DC to ensure that the City of Barstow receives its fair share of funding for all programs and systems that the City of Barstow qualifies for.  NOTE: All financial commitment (s) will be based on the outcome of the overall COVID-19 pandemic financial impact on our city.

Press Releases

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As reported by Victorville Daily Press on Nov. 14, 2020 Paul Courtney said Barstow residents should be prepared for some significant changes inside City Hall after he’s sworn in as mayor next month. Although ballots are still being counted, Courtney maintains a sizable lead in the race, with nearly 43.7% as of Friday, according to…

Former Barstow Mayor Lawrence Dale reconfirms his support of Paul A. Courtney

By circletown | September 30, 2020

PRESS RELEASE Barstow, CALawrence Dale, City of Barstow Mayor, 2000 to 2008, reconfirms his support with a contribution of $500.00 and endorses Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney in his race for Mayor, City of Barstow, 2020.“Paul represents the new type of leader, our city needs. He is a seasoned business person, highly educated, has built several…

Former Barstow Mayors Endorse Dr. Paul A. Courtney for Mayor2020

By circletown | September 30, 2020

Sept. 29 PRESS RELEASEBarstow, CA.Joe D. Gomez, City of Barstow Mayor, 2008 to 2012, unites with previous City of Barstow Mayor Lawrence Dale, 2000 to 2008 and endorses Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney in his race for Mayor, City of Barstow, 2020. “Enough is enough, when I left the City as Mayor in 2012, there was…

Daily Press Reports Plans to improve Barstow’s Image

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Article originally posted on Aug. 16, 2020. CANDIDATE PROFILE: COURTNEY HOPES TO BOOST IMAGE AND ECONOMIC GROWTH IN BARSTOW For Paul Courtney, the itch to become an elected official arrived while starting a capstone project for his doctorate in 2014. Now called ECBarstow, the nonprofit entrepreneurial resource center helps people graduate from high school,…

HDAOR Supports Paul Courtney for Mayor, Barstow CA

By circletown | September 11, 2020

PRESS RELEASE HESPERIA, CA The Trustees of the Local Candidate Recommendation Committee for the High Desert Association of REALTORS announced their support with a contribution of $1000.00 to and for Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney in his race for Mayor, City of Barstow, 2020. “It is people like you that truly make a difference,” Diane Carlton,…

Courtney Submits Signature in Bid for elected Mayor

By circletown | July 23, 2020

Barstow, Ca. – Today on the steps of City Hall, Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney addressed a loyal group of supporters who were in attendance as he submitted to the City Clerk’s Office more than 5x the number of required signatures needed to run for the elected seat of Mayor of Barstow.  Dr. Courtney will run…

CHANGE is Necessary!

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Mayoral Campaign Announcement

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Press Release #3 Good day Barstow Citizen’s! I’m Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney, DBA. I am running for the people to become Mayor of Barstow, 2020. A great city is measured by the quality of the life of the people who live in it. I will serve as a Strong Mayor…  #4aBetterBarstow (to get started): Transparency: As…

Courtney says he’ll run for Barstow mayor

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Originally posted April 5, 2019 BARSTOW — When Paul Courtney moved back into the city, his first priority was his daughter, followed closely by the community he’s called home for decades. But he couldn’t help but pick up on an apparent disconnect between the City Council and the community they serve as he began attending…

Thank  you Barstow! We pulled together for change, and Voted Paul A. Courtney for Mayor. Now the work begins on making the plans put forth in our platform happen.

This website will keep you posted as each goal is realized. You will also want to check here for Volunteer opportunities to get involved. #BarstowStrong