We are all in this together

“I can’t breath” . . . WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Thank You Chief Rameriz/BPD, Luke HaefeleBennie G Fedrick, Ciara Hamilton, Maryann GarrisonAnn Marie Chapin Hammond#barstowpride and so many others who believe in Justice for all! We hope that (we) set an example for ALL of the “haters” and pre-judgers! For anyone who fits that role, we continue to pray for your peace and understanding for equity for all people.

Peaceful demonstrations are a part of democracy in America . . . Now we are off to the Community Prayer at Barstow City Hall . . . Hope to see you there  . . . #BarstowStrong

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  1. Dr. Nancy Henning Weres on August 12, 2020 at 5:30 pm

    August 22 is nation-wide protest against child trafficking called #100CitiesMarch led by Millennials. Would be nice if Barstow leaders and clergy had a rally here in Barstow and registered voters, but I’m not holding my breath. These young people are now rising up, some quite angry about what the older generations of hypocrites has done to the children and teens of America. #SilentNoMore #ChildLivesMatter

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