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Barstow Native . . . #BarstowStrong

Mayor Paul Anthony Courtney was born at Barstow Community Hospital, and grew up in Barstow. He attended Montara Elementary, Pitcher-Barstow Middle School, Kennedy and Barstow High School's, as well as Barstow Community College. "Go Barstow"

"Supporting B-Town runs through my veins".

His sisters Mae-Phyllis and Deborah Jo and brothers Darrel, Kenneth, and Steven learned their values from two loving parents . . . Louise and William (Bill) Courtney.

This is where he learned that what matters is not your name but what you have accomplished and what you get done. He also learned that occasionally you may have to stand alone in your quest to make a significant difference in one's life. That's why he ran for and won the elected office of Mayor of Barstow in 2020.

Learn about what Mayor Courtney is fighting for as OUR Mayor:


PUBLIC SAFETY / Barstow Fire and EMS

As Mayor, ("Backing the Red"!), I propose continuing to exhaust all efforts to keep the Barstow Fire Protection District under local control (under the City of Barstow); and having a separate Fire Commission with commissioners made up of one commissioner from each city district, 1,2,3,4 and a member-at-large.

Our Fire Department has been underappreciated and misunderstood for far too long.




As Mayor ("Backing the Blue"!), I propose a goal of fifty police officers on our streets, supported by the highest quality training and the best in new technology. Funding would come from the passing of Measure Q, re-prioritizing categorical funds, and partnering with outside law enforcement agencies in the County-wide and State-wide illegal drug trafficking intervention enforcement efforts.




As Mayor, I propose that the city finances be thoroughly reviewed by an outside entity and reviewed by the newly formed "citizen finance over-site committee".  A review would also be completed by the Mayor and Council. Finding would be publically shared in public presentations.

TERM LIMITS, Mayor and Councilperson(s) shall be limited to (2) terms, eight years. NOTE: After the eight-year stint, there must be a two-year "time-out" before a re-run could be pursued.




As Mayor, I want to help create a climate that encourages businesses and entrepreneurs to follow their ingenuity and invest in their ideas in Barstow. I propose that newly formed "small businesses" receive a 50% reduction in the City of Barstow required start-up fees and costs during the *1st full year of doing business. 


What an amazing time we had at the 17th annual New Mexico Chili Cook-off's and Belen Fiestas! Our Barstow city council members and Mayor made sure to attend this fantastic event and express their gratitude to the community for coming out. We were also thrilled to have California State Treasurer Fiona Ma in attendance, who presented a certificate of recognition to the chili cook-off organizers. A huge thank you to everyone who came out to support this incredible event and celebrate the love of chili and community.


to all the talented chili chefs who participated and made the event a huge success! #NewMexicoChiliCookOff #BelenFiestas #BarstowPride #CityOfBarstow #Community

Latest News & Updates

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed


Money for New Bridge Secured

We now have Money to build our new bridge for Barstow. Mayor Courtney announced via Facebook April 15, that SBCTA Mountain/Desert Policy Committee has approved this final step. Thank You to all colleagues, residents and previous Mayor(s) Julie, Dale and Gomez for your efforts . . . together we are improving our community! #HistoryIsNoMystery


San Bernardino County offers Small Business Grants

How do You qualify for this grant? Businesses and Non-Profits that quality for this grant must have the following criteria: *Source: Grant requirements set by State of California Business located within the San Bernardino County boundaries Business started before December 31, 2019 5 or less full-time employees Gross Revenues of less than $50,000 in 2019 Tax…


UNITED WE STAND! We need your help to make Barstow a safer, stronger, all around better place to work, live and raise a family. Mayor Courtney is ready to make change happen. Add your voice to the movement, and volunteer today!

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Thank  you Barstow! We pulled together for change, and Voted Paul A. Courtney for Mayor. Now the work begins on making the plans put forth in our platform happen.

This website will keep you posted as each goal is realized. You will also want to check here for Volunteer opportunities to get involved. #BarstowStrong