City of Barstow’s New Chief Nick DiNapoli



We are delighted to introduce Chief Nick DiNapoli as the new leader of the Barstow Fire Protection District. With an unwavering commitment to public safety and a proven track record of delivering high-quality services, Chief DiNapoli brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

As a retired firefighter and current Acting Fire Chief in Barstow, Chief DiNapoli understands the importance of equipping firefighters with the necessary resources and training to perform their duties safely and effectively. He is dedicated to upholding the values of the department and meeting the evolving needs of the community.

Under Chief DiNapoli's leadership, the Barstow Fire Protection District will prioritize improving response times, enhancing training programs, and strengthening partnerships with other emergency response agencies. Chief DiNapoli believes in fostering strong relationships with the community and ensuring transparency about the department's efforts.

With an Associate's Degree in Fire Science technology and ongoing pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Service Administration, Chief DiNapoli is well-equipped to lead the department with integrity and transparency. He has a passion for music, including jazz, rock, and opera, and brings a servant's heart to his new role.

We are grateful for your support and thrilled to partner with Chief DiNapoli to ensure that Barstow remains a safe and thriving community. His years of experience, education, and exceptional leadership skills, combined with his love for his community, make him the ideal candidate for the role of Chief. Chief DiNapoli's motto of "None of us is greater than all of us together" is a testament to his commitment to community involvement and his humble leadership style.

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