Now is the time for new leadership

My leadership experience has grown out of taking on the toughest challenges as an entrepreneur, employer and educator. Taking on challenges and being successful is what I do. That is what I will do as the new elected Mayor of Barstow, 2020.

"I am a leader. No Question about it."

Family legacy

My Mom, Louise Courtney, an accomplished mother, homemaker, and retired Licensed Vocational Nurse and My Dad, William (Bill) Courtney, an accomplished Father, Air Force Veteran, Police Officer, former City Councilman, and retired US. Department of Defense quality control inspector led and taught all of us to never give up and to never quit.

I am very proud of my parents' legacy, proud of my family name, and honor my parents and all they have taught me; however, I must stand for Mayor based on my own accomplishments, education, and record of service/success.

Pauls DBA Grad Photo

Education / Professional Experience 

Some few highlights . . .

I possess an earned doctorate/DBA. degree in Business Administration-Entrepreneurship, as well as an MA. in Business Management, BA. in Psychology, AA. in Administration of Justice. I am also an OSHA/Occupation Safety and Health Administration Outreach Safety Trainer; State of California and Federal Standards.

I serve as an Associate Professor of Business/Management/Sociology/Administration of Justice. I am the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of PACE Services Corporation, which was started in the City of Barstow on April 4, 1986, and own and operate several enterprises: PACE Services, Area for Entrepreneurs and Students, Barstow Tutoring Services, Buy Land Now and so on  .  .  .  

I previously served as: Sheriff's Council member to San Bernardino County Sheriff's Rod Hoops and John McMahon; San Bernardino County Sheriff's Inmate Welfare Committee Member; Sheriff's Deputy Reserve, Level1, Orange County; and Police Officer-T, Seal Beach, CA. I also worked as a clerk for Alpha Beta Markets and as well as a busboy at Steak Eaters Restaurant. I previously served as an elected board member, 2005-2010 of the BFPD/Barstow Fire Protection District.

I have employed over thirty-five hundred (3500) employees since April 4, 1986 and have paid out in excess of seventy-five million dollars ($75,000,000.00) in payroll wages to my employees. Some of my business adventures include: Barstow Area Center for Entrepreneurs & Students, PACE Services Corporation, PACE Cleaning Services, Courtney Security Services, Buy Land Now, Barstow Tutoring Service,, Nip n Sip, The King Pin Coffee Shop and so on . . .

March 13, 2016

Founder, Developer, Entrepreneur Area Center for Entrepreneurs and Students.

August 01, 2014 to Present

Associate Professor - Adjunct, Barstow Community College

Business Law, Business, Management, ADJU/Administration of Justice, Leadership, OSHA/Occupational Safety Health Administration and Workforce Development courses.

January 1, 2012 to present

Buy Land Now

Land acquisition and development.

April 4, 1984 to present

President and Chief Executive Officer

PACE Services Corporation, Cleaning and Facility Environmental Services

Service Contractor, United States Department of the Army and Department of the Interior.

January 2006-2015

Sworn Member, Governing Inmate Welfare Committee Member
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

April 2004 - 2013

Certified Farmer of Pistachios
California Farm Bureau #0LF92311

August 2012 - 2014

Instructor (MA/Student Intern) for Dr. Dennis Toutant, Professor

Cambridge College, Inland Empire Regional Campus, Rancho Cucamonga CA.

January 1982 - 1993

State of California, Licensed Private Patrol Operator
Courtney Security & Loss Prevention Services: PPO#09141

June 1983 - 1985

Level 1, Deputy Sheriff Reserve Officer

Orange County Sheriff's Department

SECURITY CLEARANCE: a. Secret Clearance, United States Dept. of the Interior

  1. United States Selective Service System, ID NO: 36970

I am an accomplished individual with a solid background in human connections, organizational dynamics, business development, and decisive leadership.

Respectfully presented,

Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney, D.B.A.

Thank  you Barstow! We pulled together for change, and Voted Paul A. Courtney for Mayor. Now the work begins on making the plans put forth in our platform happen.

This website will keep you posted as each goal is realized. You will also want to check here for Volunteer opportunities to get involved. #BarstowStrong