Recent Projects

Many more to come...

Feed Barstow

Hosted and participated in the promotion and organization of "Feed Barstow". An event that helped bring food to over 2700 Barstow families. And encouragement to even more . . . The NEED is real!  

Community Activism

Dr. Courtney actively participates in community activism from saving the Barstow veterans home to encouraging volunteer cleanup at the memorial park cemetery. He will continue to fight for these causes that are important to the citizens of Barstow.

Watch for upcoming video messages here.


Revitalization of the property at 1041 West Main Street brings opportunity to Barstow.

Thank  you Barstow! We pulled together for change, and Voted Paul A. Courtney for Mayor. Now the work begins on making the plans put forth in our platform happen.

This website will keep you posted as each goal is realized. You will also want to check here for Volunteer opportunities to get involved. #BarstowStrong