A Christmas Message from the Mayor

This Christmas (and New Years) will be very different: no Momma, no big family gathering, none of the usual crowds, unfortunately no spending time together, which has always been traditional for the holidays, especially at Christmas.

The pandemic will not call a ceasefire and we cannot afford to make mistakes. Every single thing that could allow the virus to circulate more massively must be avoided. Our efforts cannot have been made in vain; that’s why I ask everyone living in Barstow and the surrounding communities to make a further sacrifice.

We cannot afford to drop our guard. If we continue to stay strong during this holiday, in a few months’ time we will be able to celebrate . . . truly celebrate . . . the end of this tragedy, which has clouded our lives for almost a year.

The Courtney’s intend to stay close to home this Christmas. We hope and pray that our health remains “non-critical”. . . it is another way to pay thanks and give tribute to the healthcare professionals who have worked nonstop for months.

Therefore, Barstow shall remain strong and, in so doing, deliver a message of faith over fear, closeness, respect and hope to all at the end of this incredibly difficult and challenging 2020. The sincerest wish I can make for everyone this Christmas and for the New Year is that we free ourselves from this virus and that we can return to our previous lives as soon as possible.

Lives that sometimes seemed demanding and that now, with all their flaws and problems, we crave more than anything else.

Barstow and beyond . . . that will take shape once the virus has gone wants to be different: visually cleaner, closer to the people, non-housed residents not so apparent, smarter, which attracts new students, entrepreneurs and knowledge from all over the world. A changed city, which will not squander this tragedy, but instead will harness it to rethink and improve itself, with all our residents.

We are certain that, together, we can soon leave this emergency behind. Together, we will make it happen. #BarstowPROUD #BarstowStrong

Paul Anthony Courtney, Mayor of Barstow

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  1. Tina Mendoza on January 6, 2021 at 4:05 pm

    Here’s what God said in his DAILY MESSAGE IN PERSON, since our country is in serious danger!:
    “January 5, 2021
    Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “The way to destroy democracy is to belittle obedience to the Constitution.* Then, and only then, does someone get elected to office whom the people did not elect. Your nation – the United States – is currently pursuing such a path. Disobedience to the laws your nation was founded upon,** take the whole nation and every balance and check of the government out from under the protection of the Constitution. This mindset has not been encouraged by any patriot, but from outside power mongers.”

    “Real patriots place the substantiation of actions according to laws which have been in place since the Founding Fathers.*** Pray for these Truths to be accepted by the American public. I desire for the whole nation a fresh Baptism of Truth.”****

    Read Colossians 2:8-10 + “

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