Annual Rental Property Program

Post Date:03/07/2023


The City of Barstow Rental Property Inspection Program is now being set in place.

The Annual Rental Property Inspection Program is set forth in Chapter 5.91 of the Barstow Municipal Code. The Program has several important life-safety objectives, including identifying and correcting substandard, unsanitary, or other prohibited conditions in rental units that pose, or may pose, a hazard to the health, safety and welfare of tenants and/or neighboring residents. In this manner, occupants are ensured a safe, healthful, and decent living space and owners’ property values are preserved

Owners of residential rental properties are required to undergo a City inspection of their properties and must provide access to all requested areas of the premises for inspection of the City’s request, pursuant to Section 5.90.040 of the Municipal Code.

Multi-Family Homes - Registration Notices Sent February 1st, 2023

Single Family Homes - Registration Notices Sent March 1st, 2023

Rental Property Owners are requested to call (760) 255-5161 to submit the registration paperwork and to pay the inspection fee required pursuant to Section 5.40.060(C), within thirty calendar days of the registration notices noted above.

To submit paperwork via email please send to 


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