CHANGE is Necessary!

As Barstow moves forward into 2020 and beyond, many citizens question the value of remaining in a community that appears to be disappearing right before our eyes.

NOW is the time for leadership that measures and balances the needs of every neighborhood: East, West, North, South, Riverside Drive area, Hawaiian Village area, “The Vill” as well as Central Barstow and the Barstow Golf Course communities.

I have experience where it counts: globally and right here in my hometown of Barstow. Others will posture on the issues. I have a record of success and achievements to serve on. They are evidenced based and measurable in many areas.

My leadership has grown out of taking on the toughest of challenges as a father, entrepreneur, business owner, developer, educator and college professor. Taking on challenges and being successful is what I do AND that is what I will do, as the newly elected Mayor in OUR community, Barstow… #BarstowStrong

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