Clean Streets, a Movement for Improvement

Cleaning up our town on Main Street!

Recently some amazing volunteers including Mayor Courtney participated in a 13 day clean up project. Just imagine what Barstow could look like in 130 days!

Who was a part of this clean up project? Citizens of Barstow! Why are we doing this? Fulfilling community service can be a reason, but not the only one. More importantly it was done because it’s time.

We can ALL do our part, it doesn’t have to be a formal planned event. If you live here you can pick an area close to where you live, work, or where ever you see the need and do your part to keep it clean.

Let’s put service above self. If you see the need, take steps to fulfill that need with action. Business owners who keep their storefronts clean only inspire others and help themselves by creating a beautiful environment that encourages customers to visit.

There’s no need to point fingers for past lapses, now is the time to move forward into a better, safer, cleaner, and yes, even beautiful Barstow.

We are on a movement for improvement! Would you like to join Mayor Courtney and Better Barstow Volunteers?

For more information reach out to the Mayor, join our mailing list, and share with us on social media #betterbarstow.

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