Count down to the election rally

FREE Taco’s, FREE Soda’s, FREE Music, FREE Yard Signs and more! That’s what the supporters who came out Saturday Oct. 3 received, as well as VOTER Registration and talking among supporters.

Our first Rally at 1000 E. Main St, Deluxe Cleaner parking lot was such a success we’re going to have it again!

Did you miss this one? No problem, we will be hosting these events for the next (4) Saturdays in the parking lot of Deluxe Cleaners, 1000 E. Main St., 11am to 2pm leading up to election day, November 3rd.

Interested in Volunteering? Join the movement to help us get the message out, and create positive change for Barstow! You could help with the following….

  • 1. Sign Holders
  • 2. Call Makers
  • 3. Door Knob Hangers 
  • 4. Small Group Organizers 
  • 5. Voter Registration Clerks
  • 6. Car Wavers . . .  We NEED You! 

    JOIN US on Saturday at Deluxe Cleaners, 1000 E. Main St., 11am to 2pm!

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