Courtney Submits Signature in Bid for elected Mayor

Barstow, Ca. – Today on the steps of City Hall, Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney addressed a loyal group of supporters who were in attendance as he submitted to the City Clerk’s Office more than 5x the number of required signatures needed to run for the elected seat of Mayor of Barstow. 

Dr. Courtney will run against incumbent Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre who was elected to the City Council in 2006, and first elected Mayor in 2012. Hackbarth-McIntyre is seeking a 3rd term as Mayor amidst ongoing financial issues with the City’s budget, an unprecedented rising homeless population and record level unemployment. “A quick drive through town speaks volumes, east to west on Main St., and north and south on Barstow Rd.,” Courtney states.

“I formally announced my intention to run for Mayor over 1 year ago, and I remain steadfast in my commitment to the residents of Barstow in successfully navigating against the current political establishment to bring about the necessary change to boost our economy and get our residents believing in Barstow again,” stated Courtney. “This past decade of uncertain leadership from our governing officials have resulted in depleted cash reserves for our city, excessive spending on top management salaries, and so much debt that in 2018 the Mayor and Council were forced to ask the Barstow taxpayers to pass a 1% sales tax increase/MeasureQ to help balance the budget and the eliminate the fear losing our Fire Department . . . shame on them!”

Although at times on opposite sides of the political aisle, former Mayors Joe D. Gomez and Lawrence Dale stood alongside Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney in unity today to express their joint support for the person they feel can deliver evidenced based improved results and help to restore the community’s faith and trust in city hall. A quick drive down Main St., USA east and west and Barstow Rd., north and south speaks volumes . . .

“When I left the City as Mayor in 2012, there was a balanced budget, roads a great condition and millions in reserves,” stated former Mayor Joe Gomez. “It took 8 years of failed leadership from the Mayor and City to mismanage our taxpayer dollars resulting in serious debt, a sales tax measure that was needed to bail them out, and now the current Mayor wants 4 more years to the fix the mess she and others got us into . . . I think it’s fair to ask the question of whether we are better off now than we were 8 years ago when Julie and Carmen Hernandez stepped into their current roles as Mayor and Council member, the answer from the majority of Barstow residents is NO!”

Former Mayor Lawrence Dale stated,” The two people who are up for election this year, Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre and Carmen Hernandez are both responsible for giving up their fiduciary responsibility in 2013 to the City Manager’s Office. They granted free reign over the city and its employees to one person with no checks and balances to prevent the City Manager’s office from hiring friends who are unqualified to hold key city positions and yet receive overinflated salaries in excess of $200,000.00 when the average family of four in Barstow earns less than $30,000.00 per year, this has to end!”

“If I am blessed to receive the community’s support to be the next elected Mayor of Barstow, I vow to restore transparency at city hall, end wasteful spending and prioritize our long-term goals by listening to the needs of our residents,” stated Courtney. “We must restore the city’s commitment to using our general use funds and the new Measure Q tax dollars for Public Safety first and foremost, and as a local businessmen, college professor and community leader I will successfully navigate through the bureaucracy to bring better paying jobs through industry, manufacturing and partnering with educational factions to re-create a better Barstow to work, play and live in ”       

For more information on Paul A. Courtney for Mayor 2020, go to or contact Anthony Riley, Campaign Strategist @ or Curtis Cleveland. Jr., Paul’s Aide @ 714-718-8929

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