… The Barstow Area Center for Entrepreneurs & Students

IMG_4134 Area Center for Entrepreneurs, 1041 West Main St., will present phase
#3 Thursday, February 8th @, 3pm. ecB continues to unlock economic and educational potential utilizing
pedagogical strategies .
which are powerful growth mindset contributors. Entrepreneurs and engaged
Students are committed to growing the local formal economy, however, they often face disproportionate
barriers, including internet access and travel distances, states Paul Anthony Courtney, Entrepreneur and College
Professor ..
" will continue to challenge the status quo and then some" is centrally located where students, parents, individuals, job seekers, advisors and
business operators have access to essential resources: OSHA 10 hr. and 30 hr. Training, GED Testing, Public
Computers, Public Work Space, Meeting Areas, *Notary, IT/Computer Training, WEB Design, Errands R Us,
Administrative/Office Support Services, Education Referrals, Education Advise, *Financial Planning, Business
Planning, Signature Training, Transportation Services, Marketplace ... and then some. All deliverables are
designed to facilitate and develop entrepreneurial/educational enhancement capacities. "The Center provides
an educational/entrepreneurial hub' that creates a robust exchange of ideas/communication that stimulates
growth and benefits for the entire community". - Rodney Brand Jr. Entrepreneur, Brand Industries.
The Center also seeks to augment the educational offerings of local schools, by coordinating and
offering paid and non-paid internships in the educational development areas of, customer service, human
resources, marketing, sales, employment acquisition, leadership, employment re-entry and business planning.
The Center supports economic diversification and seeks to serve as a catalyst for innovation that will stimulate
growth mindsets. When fully operating, the Resource Center will be lead, managed and operated by K-12 grade
students, college students and subject matter experts. seeks to serve as an example of how private industry can cohesively work with
educational, community and governmental leaders to successfully promote entrepreneurial activity. J. Adaberto
Quijada, Director/BA, U.S. Small Business Administration has agreed to incorporate BA Resources into the
Center. Additional details will be released as they come available.
For additional information, please contact Paul A. Courtney, BA(c) 2018 / / or text: 760-559-8347

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