Former Barstow Mayor Lawrence Dale reconfirms his support of Paul A. Courtney

Lawrence Dale, City of Barstow Mayor, 2000 to 2008, reconfirms his support with a contribution of $500.00 and endorses Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney in his race for Mayor, City of Barstow, 2020.“Paul represents the new type of leader, our city needs. He is a seasoned business person, highly educated, has built several businesses from the ground up and is not afraid to stand up against the status-quo”

Former Mayor Lawrence Dale also states,” The two people who are up for election this year, Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre and Carmen Hernandez are both responsible for giving up their fiduciary responsibility in 2013 to the City Manager’s Office. They granted free reign over the city and its employees to one person with no checks and balances to prevent the City Manager’s office from hiring friends who are unqualified to hold key city positions and yet receive overinflated salaries in excess of $200,000.00 when the average family of four in Barstow earns less than $30,000.00 per year, this has to end. Just drive through our town, it’s a mess”.

Julie has been on the Barstow City council since 2006 and has served as Mayor since 2012.

For more information on Paul A. Courtney for Mayor 2020, contact Anthony Riley, Campaign Strategist or Curtis Cleveland. Jr., Paul’s Aide @ 714-718-8929

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