Former Barstow Mayors Endorse Dr. Paul A. Courtney for Mayor2020

Barstow, CA.
Joe D. Gomez, City of Barstow Mayor, 2008 to 2012, unites with previous City of Barstow Mayor Lawrence Dale, 2000 to 2008 and endorses Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney in his race for Mayor, City of Barstow, 2020. “Enough is enough, when I left the City as Mayor in 2012, there was a balanced budget, roads in great condition, homeless were not sleeping in front of the bank and there was over $40 million in reserves,” stated former City of Barstow Mayor Joe D. Gomez. “It took less than 8 years of mismanagement of our taxpayer dollars resulting in serious debt, that a sales tax measure, MeasureQ was needed to bail our city out, and now the same Mayor, Mayor Julie wants 4 more years to help fix the mess she and other’s have got our city into.

The current conditions are bad, Mayor Julie and City of Barstow management are even fighting the Firefighter’s. The same men and women who risk their lives for us and the labor Union that represents them. All because they are courageous enough to tell the truth about some unfavorable conditions. Conditions that had existed for a long time and city management were well aware of them. Yes, our mayor, Mayor Julie and City Management is fighting the same City of Barstow Public Safety Officers, who backed the passing of MeasureQ to help save the Fire Department.

Our city leadership and management are just messy now. Mayor Julie has been on city council since 2006 and Mayor since 2012, her time is up. We need immediate change. Why Paul, he is vested in our city, he is not afraid to speak his position or opinion. He is a developer, just look what he did in creating and building the Entrepreneur Resource Center. He is a business owner, he puts people to work and he can navigate through tough decisions and get things done. Dr. Courtney is courageous and is the change our city needs” stated former City of Barstow Mayor Joe D. Gomez.

For information on Paul A. Courtney for Mayor 2020, go to, contact Anthony Riley, Campaign Volunteer Coordinator, Curtis Cleveland. Jr., Paul’s Aide or text Paul directly @ 760-559-8347

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