Mayor Courtney’s 1st 100 Days

Our Mayor went into his job with a long list of plans. Read all about them here. We plan to report on each point as things change and improve. Here’s a list of what has been accomplished in the first 100 days.

  1. Over 1000+ hours committed to making decisions as the elected Mayor for the City of Barstow
  2. Over 10,000+ volunteer hours committed from volunteer(s) led by Anthony Brown, Deborah Harris and Bedford Moering in removing trash and debris from streets/properties
  3. Helped orchestrate more than a $1 Mil reduction in costs to tax payers and increased the efficiency in labor/manpower output of City of Barstow personnel by 100%, not (1) position eliminated
  4. Helped lead the Increase of available liquid cash for use by over 700k and increased the (overall) efficiency in the Finance Dept.
  5. Provided a weekly and monthly financial report for general public review
  6. Approved and Signed 100% of City of Barstow payables since Devember 21, 2020 and will continue
  7. Have attended (94) decision making meetings
  8. Flown over Barstow (3) different times for an overall view for positive change
  9. Driven 5000+ miles to meet with subject matter experts
  10. Have travelled to 4 different states to gain knowledge 1st hand (no cost to tax payers) for a better Barstow
  11. Participated in 3 BUSD School Site council site meetings
  12. Signed agreements in excess of $100 mil in (value) in new economic growth agreements
  13. Granted $70k of 2021 CBG grant funds for improvements to the Barstow Cemetery
  14. Signed a letter of agreement and intent to do “joint” municipal business on the Fort Irwin Military Base for the benefit of the City of Barstow and Fort Irwin . . . “Bridging the GAP”

There will be more to come for sure!

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