Statement on George Floyd’s Verdict

The criminal justice system doesn’t always work, but it worked today for the family of George Floyd. My prayer is that with a decision of a jury of their peers that they will move forward peacefully.

Regardless of how anyone feels about this particular verdict, I want to thank the residents of Minneapolis for upholding our system of justice.

In Barstow we strongly believe in and support our 1st amendment rights. It must be said that the men and women of our great Police Dept./Barstow Police are among its biggest defenders. While we as American’s and residents enjoy the rights of the 1st amendment, please remember that Barstow will not tolerate anyone who participates in violent behavior or the damaging of any type of property. We will not standby and allow any type of destruction. We must be Barstow (together).

Together we can maintain peace, security and dignity for our community. I urge each of you to stand with me, my city council colleagues and our Police Department to protect our city from anyone who would harm it. Remember, Barstow (together) moves our city forward . . . BarstowPROUD BarstowSTRONG.

Dr. Paul A. Courtney, Mayor Barstow

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