Thank You Volunteers…

This week, I have been thinking a lot about all of the people who volunteer in our community.

Those who are committed to improving Barstow. These volunteers have been the glue to keeping our community afloat (especially) this past year . . . I am so thankful.

I will highlight just a few of these individuals. Anthony Brown has led a TEAM in encouraging local businesses to remove trash, debris and weeds from the fronts of their locations. Bedford Moering has led a TEAM in picking up and removing trash, weeds and debris from along Main St. and surrounding areas. Kim and Paul has led a TEAM in picking up trash and debris along Main St. and other areas. Rodney Brand has led a TEAM positively encouraging non-housed residents and handing out resource information to help them. Deborah Harris has led with encouragement and getting out communication information to many. Mark Gibbon, Deserie Jackson and many, many individuals have distributed food to more than (1000) families consistently week after week.

Rachel Martinez Florez and the Kiwanis Barstow has led efforts is getting clothing, food, etc. to residents in need. New Hope Village along with BUSD, New Hope Desert Church, Church of God & Christ and soooo many caring individuals have led efforts in meeting local needs. Diane Flores is leading efforts to establish the 1st annual Barstow Founders Day’s Community Celebration.

Phyllis Courtney led a Cemetery CleanUp day with the support of Marie Courtney, Joe D. Gomez, The Friends of Barstow Cemetery and (60plus) additional individuals.

COVID 19 Volunteers at the COVID vaccine clinics throughout our community who keep showing up to ensure that all community members who want a vaccine can receive one. These clinics are supported by countless volunteers to help keep them running smoothly.

The City Council appoints citizens to serve on boards, commissions, and committees to assist and advise in formulating policy. These advisory bodies play an important role in helping the City set good policy. In addition, community members may be appointed to represent the city’s interests on other agency boards.

Commissions and Committee Groups (so for): Streets, Measure Q, Planning, Homeward Bound, Chamber and Park&Rec.Lastly, I would like to acknowledge my fellow council members, District#1/Tim Silva, District#2/James Noble, District#3/Barbara Rose, District#4/Marilyn Dyer-Kruse (all) who in addition to their selected positions, sit on additional boards and commissions. While it often goes unnoticed, the job of serving on the City Council, as well as so many other boards and commissions requires a tremendous amount of additional time and I am deeply appreciative of the effort(s) of my peers serving on the city council.

Getting involved is important to our community and there are many groups still in need of your support. Again, thank you to all of the volunteers in our Community. Your time is invaluable. I encourage everyone to get more involved and become a volunteer today.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at

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