Urban Runoff

How to Limit Urban Run-Off

Urban run-off is what happens when water flows over impermeable surfaces, such as parking lots, streets and rooftops.  Oil and gas from vehicles can leak onto roads and parking lots.  Fertilizers and pesticides, if not applied properly, can wash off lawns.
Pet waste, if not properly disposed of, can enter storm drains that lead to wetlands, streams or rivers.  As water flows over these surfaces the water picks up dirt and dust, rubber and metal deposits from tire wear, antifreeze and engine oil that has dripped onto the pavement, pesticides and fertilizers, and discarded cups, plastic bags, cigarette butts, pet waste, and other litter.


Landscape with Nature - Consider Xeriscape and use of native-plants.  Native plants are adapted to the local climate and pests. Xeriscape can limit chemical applications to lawns and gardens and reduce irrigation run-off.

Vehicle Washing - Try not to wash your vehicles where the water with grease and fluids from your car, soap, wax and cleaning products will run down the street and curb.

Properly store and dispose of all chemicals - If chemicals are needed around the home, they should be stored properly to prevent leaks and access by children.  FREE Disposal of all household chemicals is offered every Saturday at the Household Hazardous Waste Bin, 900 South Ave. "H" in Barstow.

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