Mayoral Campaign Announcement

Press Release #3

Good day Barstow Citizen’s!

I’m Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney, DBA. I am running for the people to become Mayor of Barstow, 2020. A great city is measured by the quality of the life of the people who live in it. I will serve as a Strong Mayor…  #4aBetterBarstow (to get started):

Transparency: As Mayor, I propose that the city finances be thoroughly reviewed by an outside entity and reviewed by a newly formed “citizen finance over-site commission”. This commission will be formatted similar to the current “planning commission” model and will function with the same model of measurable deliverable(s), impact and influence. Once the review is completed, all findings will be presented in an OPEN forum and presented to the general public in multiple presentations. A clear explanation is to include (all) income, expenses and investment transactions.

Term Limits: New perspectives can provide different types of influence and that can inspire changes. As Mayor, I propose a maximum of two terms, eight years for any elected Mayor and Council Members.

My leadership has grown out of taking on the toughest challenges as an entrepreneur, business owner, employer, educator and college professor. Taking on challenges and being successful is what I do. This is what I will do as the newly elected Mayor of Barstow, 2020.

Public Safety/Police: As Mayor, I propose a goal of fifty police officers on our streets, supported by the highest quality training and the best in new technology. Additional funding would come from re-prioritizing categorical funds and partnering with outside law enforcement agencies in the County-wide and State-wide illegal drug trafficking intervention enforcement efforts. Seized assets will then be shared with our Police Department as a continuous source of newly generated revenue, designated to law enforcement efforts. A safer community, a better Barstow.

Public Safety/Fire-EMS: As Mayor, I propose a goal of continuing to exhaust all efforts to keep the Barstow Fire Protection District under local control (under the City of Barstow); and having a separate Fire Commission Board with commissioners made up of one commissioner from each city district, 1,2,3,4 and a City Council Member. I also propose to re-start the “paid call” fire fighter positions that proved to be very cost effective, professionally efficient and useful in our ever-changing community.

Education/Recreation: As Mayor, I propose that the city-owned Community Center be open daily for extended hours to support a city directed “after school” Student Success Enhancement Services Programs: Tutoring, Recreational activities, Homework assistance, as well as providing an after school “safe-place” for our children. Our community center will become exactly as it is labelled, a gathering place for everyone, from children to seniors.

Economic Development: As Mayor, I want to help create a climate that encourages businesses and entrepreneurs to follow their ingenuity and invest in their ideas in Barstow. I propose initially for all newly formed small businesses, a 50% reduction in City of Barstow required start-up fees and costs during the 1st full year of doing business … more to come … NOTE: Additional ideas will come from a newly formed “Barstow Business Association Commission” and Advisory Board.

Homeless/Transient Issues: Our quality of life in Barstow should strive to match the quality of our nice climate. As Mayor, I will lead the efforts to tackle the homeless and ever-growing population of the “dumping” of transients on our city streets. I propose to to create a position of “Health and Welfare Officer”. The funding will come from the existing categorical grant funding that the city already receives. We will also aggressively continue efforts in a pro-active manner to build partnerships with qualified and competent non-profit entities to support those who are in the most need. I propose that the city would financially support the non-profits efforts in this public benefit commitment. City financial support would come from existing and newly acquired “allowable” restricted and designated funds that the city has and receives to address such public benefit concerns.

Housing starts: As Mayor, I propose to create a working relationship/partnership with local home builders to “jump-start” new home building. Homes would initially be built (1) house at a time. NOTE: Historically, multi-home builders have chosen not to build in Barstow because of unfavorable demographic concerns and this fact remains to date.

Seniors: As Mayor, I propose that the City creates an active and engaged partnership with the Barstow Senior Center. This active partnership will better serve and service our ever- increasing senior population. Initial funds and funding will come from the “promised” MeasureQ sales tax increase that was passed in November, 2018. NOTE: Pending an economic recovery, post COVID-19.

New Income Opportunities: As Mayor, I propose to create a “central grant-writing” professional position. This expert will focus solely on acquiring funds and funding for public safety, youth, senior and social justice success enhancement systems and programs. As Mayor, I pledge to personally lobby legislators in San Bernardino County, Sacramento and Washington to ensure Barstow receives its fair share of funding for all programs and systems that the City of Barstow qualifies for.

Some personal information . . .

I was born, and I grew up in Barstow. I went to Montara Elementary, Pitcher-Barstow Middle School, Kennedy and Barstow High School, as well as Barstow College. “Go Barstow” Supporting, Investing and Believing in the BEST for OUR town runs through my veins.

My sisters Mae-Phyllis and Deborah Jo and brothers Darrel, Kenneth, and Steven learned our values from two loving parents. This is where I learned, that what matters is not your name but what you can successfully get accomplished. I have also learned, that often times one must to stand alone in your quest to make a difference in individual lives, including your own.

My Mom, Louise Courtney, an accomplished mother, homemaker, and retired Licensed Vocational Nurse and My Dad, William (Bill) Courtney, an accomplished Father, Air Force Veteran, Police Officer, former City Councilman, and retired US. Department of Defense quality control inspector, both have led and taught all of us . . . to never give up and to never quit!

I am very proud of my parents’ legacy, proud of my family name, and honor my parents and all they have taught me; however, I must stand for Mayor based on my own accomplishments, education, and record of “service above self” . . .

I possess an earned doctorate degree/DBA. in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I have a master degree/MMA. in Business Management, a bachelor degree/BA. in Psychology, a AA. in Administration of Justice. I am a State of California and US Federal level authorized OSHA / Occupation Safety and Health Administration Outreach Safety Trainer. My OSHA credentialing and continuing education is certified and maintained through California State, Dominguez Hills.

I serve as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Barstow College having taught: Business (general), Business Law, Management, Sociology-SDEV1, Administration of Justice and OSHA classes. I am also an approved Professor at Park University and have teaching experience at Cambridge College. I am the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of PACE Corporation, which was started in the City of Barstow on April 4, 1986. I also own, operate and/or have business interest in multiple entities that include: ecB/Barstow Area Center for Entrepreneurs, SmarTEK, Barstow Tutoring Services, Buy Land Now and so on. I previously served as: Sheriff’s Council Member/Advisor to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Rod Hoops and John McMahon; San Bernardino County Sheriffs Inmate Welfare Sworn Committee Member under Sheriff’s Penrod, Hoops and McMahon, Sheriff’s Deputy Reserve, Level1, Orange County; and Police Officer-T, Seal Beach, CA. I also worked as a clerk for Alpha Beta Markets and as a BusBoy at Steak Eaters and Denny’s Restaurants. I was elected to the Barstow Fire Protection Board 2005 to 2010. I also serve at the will and by appointment of The President of The United States as a California Region 2 Board Member on The Selective Service System (SSS) independent agency of the United States government. The agency that maintains information on those potentially subject to military conscription (i.e. the draft).

My education and experiences have given me unique preparation for the service opportunity that I seek today, Mayor, City of Barstow, 2020.

As an Employer, a humbling and relationship-building journey every day. Henry Ford best describes it as “it is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money; it is the customer who pays the wages.”

A Counselor, being summoned as a trusted advisor to give guidance on social justice, as well as on other issues that directly impact humanity, has kept me well-rounded on relevant issues of today.

A Professor, earning my DBA. Doctorate degree in Business Administration-Entrepreneurship has only strengthened my willpower, courage, confidence and abilities to convey messages and to back them up with evidenced-based measurable outcomes.

Being Elected, I learned to successfully navigate through governing decision-making issues and building collaborative relationships that are mutually beneficial and I have continued to build my communication skills to a level of the unimaginable.

I have experience where it counts: globally and right here in my hometown Barstow. I am proud of my accomplishments, but I’m not done yet. As a strong Mayor, I offer new ideas for an ever-changing city and community.

As Barstow moves forward into 2020 and beyond, many of our citizens question the value of remaining in a city and community that appears to be disappearing right before their eyes. I will be the Mayor that continues to lead by example by investing capitol in Barstow AND convinces people that they are important to Barstow and OUR Barstow is important to them.

Knowing and acknowledging reality, we must commit to thinking outside of the box for a better Barstow. We must commit to the restoration of OUR city. We must commit to cleaning up OUR city AND we must commit to encouraging “venture capitol” investors to take a 2nd look at all the tremendous potential that (We) have to offer here . . .

If we are going to START progress together, now is the time for leadership that measures and balances the needs of every neighborhood, of every person. To lead this city, the next Mayor will have to work tirelessly to gain the confidence and trust of every part of our city; The Golf course area/community, East Barstow, West Barstow, North Barstow, South Barstow, Riverside Drive, Hawaiian Village, “The Vill” as well as Central Barstow . . . AND . . . I do have a head start. In January 2017, I opened the Barstow Area Center for Entrepreneurs and Students, located at 1041 West Main St. We actively work with all the diverse communities that make up the fabric of our City.

Others can posture on the issues. I have a record to run on, success and evidenced-based achievements in many areas.

This is where I grew up, where I live, where my parents and several family members continue to call home and where my youngest daughter/Ma’Kiena goes to public school, Barstow High. This is where I have invested most of my life savings and have followed my family’s tradition of community-based service, believing in our hometown, Barstow. I know what the city is, I know what it has been, and I know what it can still become.

That’s why today, I (re-confirm) my candidacy for Mayor of The City Barstow . . . Experience, Education and Knowledge . . . that I will put to work for all of us!

The time has come . . . #BelieveInBarstow #BarstowStrong

Courtney for Mayor/2020
City of Barstow, CA 92311

Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney, DBA.